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What is hypothesis Hypothesis a preliminary assumption or tentative explanation that accounts for a set of facts, taken to be true for the purpose of investigation and testing, a theory. The scientific method is a systematic approach to research Falsifiability is the most important feature of hypothesis testing. Other methods of testing (falsifying) hypotheses include dialectic, logic, probability and statistics. By evaluated the ability of key theoretical variables to prospectively predict level of HIV risk …

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…both sexual partners, in varying degrees, contribute to the likelihood of safe versus risky practices Reference: Catania, J.A., Coates, T.J., & Dolcini, M.M. (1994). Correlates of condom use among Black, Hispanic, and White heterosexuals in San Francisco: The AMEN longitudinal study. AIDS Education and Prevention, 6(1), 12-26. Jemmott, L.S., & Jemmott, J.B. (1991). Applying the theory of reasoned action to AIDS risk behavior: Condom use among Black women. Nursing Research, 40(4), 228-234.