Hydrologic Cycle

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There are four stages that are needed to have a successful hydrologic cycle; they are precipitation, evaporation, run off, and infiltration. Now Mother Nature has very delicately monitored these four stages ever since the earth was created. The delicate balance of water being put into and taken out of the earth maintained a natural hydrological cycle world wide, but since man has inhabited the world, the cycle has changed. At first minor changes to the …

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…evaporation the more precipitation. Therefor with more precipitation the rivers will become swollen and overflow their banks. Leading to flooding and the destruction of residential areas. And even though humans try to control the hydrological cycle, our futile attempts will lead to further destruction. Bibliography References Plummer Charles C., and McGeary David. Physical Geology. California State University, Sacramento, 1981. Tarbuck. Edward J., and Lutgens Frederick K. Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology. UpperSaddle River, New Jersey, 1999.