Husband and Wife: The Semiotics of Gender Roles in Latin America

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In most societies during the twentieth Century, new ways of analyzing traditional gender roles have begun to evolve out of a variety of movements both within art and culture studies and communications. Semiotics, or the study of signs has emerged as one of the most "powerful cultural analysis tools of the twentieth Century" . Semiotics has been used to document and support traditional gender roles within a variety of cultures. The signs of Husband and Wife …

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…the term wife can be used in a context that does not suggest either housework and Husband will not suggest repression, abuse or honor, as it is in the film "Amores Perros" then the changes in the semiotic relationships between the sign and signifier will have begun to shape and change the social landscape of Latin America by redefining societies perceptions of traditional gender roles. Husband and Wife: Semiotics and Gender Roles in Latin America