Huntington's Disease

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Huntington's Disease Huntington's Disease (HD) is an inherited conditions characterized by abnormal body movements, dementia, and psychiatric problems. Huntington's Disease is a progressive disorder involving degeneration of nerve cells in the brain. It is one of the more common inherited brain disorders. About 25,000 Americans have it and another 60,000 or so will carry the defective gene and that binds itself to the Huntington molecule only in the brain. Both conclude that Huntington Disease is a mutation …

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…extra movements. Psychiatric illness, depression and suicide are common in Huntington's disease. It is important for the caretaker and the physicians who care for a person with Huntington's disease to monitor for symptoms and treat accordingly. Symptomatic treatment for the dementia is similar to that used for any organic brain syndrome. Initially, reminders and aids may improve memory function. There is a progressive need for assistance and supervision, and 24-hour care may eventually be required.