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A Midsummer Night's Dream ~ Humour Helps ~ Humour is often the key to any good performance. In the Shakespearean play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream the playwright – William Shakespeare – utilises humour as a tool to both enlighten the viewer and to create an interesting play. One very humorous character, in this play, is the weaver – Nick Bottom. One funny line – that was used when an actual ass-head had been placed on him – is when Bottom speaks …

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…the audience members are, unbeknownst to them, laughing at their own follies. In today’s society humour is a vital to and central theme of countless shows; it is used for the same reasons as Shakespeare used humour, to capture and keep the interest of the audience while delivering an agenda or message. It is often much easier for one to recognise one’s foibles when they are communicated with humour rather than with retribution.