Hume Matters of fact and relation of idea's

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Hume: Matters of fact and relation of idea's In David Hume's Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, he attempts, by way of empiricism, to uncover the basis for knowledge and reasoning. Hume deals with the principle of induction, and his views on synthetic and analytic truths. Take his favourite example: his belief that the sun will rise tomorrow. Clearly, this is a matter of fact; it rests on our conviction that each sunrise is an effect caused …

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…prediction. Hume was wrong to assume that his theory of the types of knowledge is impervious to its own implications. Because his theory is a matter of fact, it is not necessarily going to hold true in the future. All of his other theories that are based on this one cannot be justified either. Particularly the theory of induction. New types of knowledge may find induction as the reason for our beliefs about the future.