Humanism the renaissance and machiavelli

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Humanism The introduction of the concept of humanism greatly affected the Renaissance. The Humanistic influence shaped Renaissance art, writing, education and thinkers, its ideas were spread among all aspects of life. Machiavelliís writings during the Renaissance were also affected by the ideas of humanism. His ideas reflect the thoughts of humanism in the way he thought governments and societies should be organized. Humanismís influence on art was very obvious, it could be seen …

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…idealĒ orginization of a government this very well. The way he describes the perfect government is with well rounded departments. He also believed that a ruler should not mistreat his citizens, but not pamper them either. Machiavelliís views were not completely humanistic, though, he did not feel that everyone should have a liberal humanistic education. He felt that those who do simple jobs, serfs and other farmers, should not have this wasted on them.