Humanism, What humanists do for a living and what they need to focus on in life.

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What is humanism? Humanism is something LIKE a belief in European Middle Ages after the time of Rome. The Humanists (People who believed in humanism) liked to individual work. Commitment to public service was a plus in the life of a humanist. Developing your indivual skills and talents was another thing that humanists focused on also. Humanism was very important in the European Middle Ages. Individual work was something that Humanists like to do. Writing …

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…you every time you do your homework by yourself, do your chores, and a lot of other individual things that you do by yourself. Commitment to public service is still a pretty common thing, like contributing money to the poor and other things like that. Development of skills and talents is like you gaining a charecter levels in a video game. Humanism was one of the most important things back in the European Middle Ages.