Human struggle for power in Genesis and Exodus

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Both Genesis and Exodus address the issue of human power and how God limits it. Both provide physical evidence of human power, yet also show God's purpose in limiting it. Humans in Genesis and Exodus were constantly in a power struggle with God, as is shown by their disobedience, rebellion, and greed. In Genesis, man and woman disobey God. They believe that they should control their own fates, and thus fail to heed God's commands. …

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…and God having perfect reasons for doing so. God's purpose is seen clearly in all of the passages in which He asserts His divinity, proving that God's limitations are just. In both books, excessive human power is balanced by perfect Godly power. Humans disobeyed God, refuted God, and tried to outdo and overcome Him, but God's divine interference proves that He who created the very power that man hungers for will always be most powerful.