Human cloning, what it is. An information based on the first ever human cloning company,

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2200. The United States of America secretly cloned the best soldiers of the World War II as powerful assets for their military. These soldiers are very trained, and will obey every order given. They are called the Universal Soldiers. Too fictional for science? Think again. Raélian Movement is a religious organization that believes that life on earth is created by other races in other galaxies. The foundation, which was created by Raél, believes that …

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…is likely to be a moneymaking company and not research-based; although the speech price may be discounted up to 90% for universities. Somehow, Clonaid's the idea of Elohim, human creation, and benefit of human cloning are just can't acceptable. Plus some additional unusual craze of 'the company with a secret name in a secret place' such as a 'cheap' speech and unthinkable projects, will the public believe what they read? Will you believe everything you read?