Human Development - Australian families during the 1900's

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Australian Families in the 1900ís Throughout the 1900ís, the typical Australian family has had some dramatic changes. In fact, you could go as far as to say that, today, there is no typical family. The family has adapted so much to the publicís change in attitude towards families, or perhaps the public has adapted so much to the change in families, it is now virtually impossible to identify one family type as predominant. It …

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…language, habits, and extended families.Ē (Gunstone, 1991, ?). This was another great influence on Australian families, as it brought many different types of families, probably the dominant one being the extended family. Also, these new cultures and religions have helped make the multi cultural family that is quite predominant, and accepted in Australia. BIBLIOGRAPHY Getley, A. 1996, VCE Human Development Year 11, 2nd Edn., Macmillan Education Australia, Melbourne Gunstone, et. al. 1992, Journey through Adolescence, Longman Cheshire, Melb.