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What is huffing? The intentional breathing of gas or vapors with the purpose of reaching a high. What does huffing do to the brain? Changes the electrical activity of the brain. On a elecroencephalograpghy, (or EEG) the brain will show up as sharp impulses. What toxic effects and the “risks” that occur with this practice on the body. The brain: changes the electrical activity within the brain, possibly resulting in hallucinations and convulsions. Also the …

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…aerosol paints and correction fluid) have been linked to damage of this organ. The Kidneys: Inhalants containing toluene impair the kidney’s ability to control the amount of acid in the blood. This is reversible when toluene leaves the body but, in the long-term, kidney stones may develop. Muscle: Chronic inhalant abuse can lead to muscle wasting. Reduced muscle tone and strength. Bone Marrow: Benzene, a component of gasoline, has been shown to cause leukemia.