Huckleberry Finn Internal Conflict

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The Battle of Huck In Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn, Huck faces the dilemma of embracing the discriminatory ideology of the South as he simultaneously combats his inner consciousness. Searching for a better way of life, both Huck, a freedom seeking youth, and Jim, a runaway slave, set off downriver. Along the way they encounter many obstacles. Their initial association eventually blossoms into a steadfast friendship, bypassing the practices of a racist society, leading Huck to …

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…make reason out of their judgements. Stereotypes and generalizations are based upon the actions of the relatively few, causing many to suffer. This relates very much to southern society of the 1800's. Most people did not comprehend the pain they were inducing upon their slaves or "property". Twain, however, was able to portray a character with enough courage to stand up against the times, look past the race and into the soul of the man.