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“Not a day’s work in all my life. What I have done, I have done because it has been play. If it had been work I shouldn’t have done it…When we talk about the great workers of the world we really mean the great players of the world.” -Mark Twain As this quote shows, games were a very important part of life to Mark Twain. This would help explain why games are …

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…as his benefiting brothers in the will. Huck, fed up with this dishonesty, sabatages the heist and soon the Duke and Dauphin are caught red-handed by the real Wilks brothers. From this event, Huck is further educated in dishonesty and the “cheating” that goes on in life. He learns just how dangerous and crooked humans can be. In another game related lesson on the river, Tom becomes the cheater in the game of his journey.