How to write a decent Résumé.

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Before you sit down to write (or fix) that résumé, the very first thing you should do is make a list of everything you've ever done or accomplished in your entire life. This means everything: every single job, award, honor, volunteer work, skill, language, hobby, wart, bad dream, and witty retort. Try to make the list chronological, starting with your most recent accomplishments, and working your way backward …

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…George Jetson Scholarship of the Future would all be included here. 5.<Tab/>Skills: If you speak any languages (even if only at a conversational level), all of your computer knowledge, especially of complicated programs, if you know how to operate heavy machinery, all that stuff goes into the "skills" category. This is like the potpourri category of stuff you know how to do, but nobody has really cared much so far.