"How to do an oil change in a car", by Enrique Urquia

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It is very important for me to take good care of my vehicle. I consider it a priority. I always try to make sure that everything is running well. If I hear any unpleasant sound while my car is on or while I am driving, then I check its source right away. One of the most important things for keeping my vehicle running in good condition is changing the oil from the engine. This is …

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…funnel and put the cap back on by turning it clockwise. I close the hood of my vehicle, and I am done. How often do I change my oil? The oil in my vehicle has to be changed every 3000 miles and all I have to do is follow these easy to use instructions. I really stress the importance of taking care of my vehicle. If I don't do it, then my car won't be drivable