How to Grind

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How to Grind Well you want to learn how to grind. The first thing that you need to know is how to stall. Stalls are essentially skating up to an object, jumping onto it, holding there for a couple of seconds, and then jumping off. This can be anything from a stair, to a curb, to a car, to the coping on a vert. To begin learning stalls, it is easiest to do it by …

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…such as a soul grind, acid grind, miszou grind, royales, unities, and personally my favorite the alley oop fish brain. The whole trick on learning how to do these tricks is patients. Only in time will the tricks form. Don't get discouraged cause you can't do a trick. Just remember it is hard to do what you're doing and most people can't even skate, let alone jump up onto a rail and grind down it.