How the National Assembly Restructured French Society in 1789-91

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ON WHAT PINCIPLES DID THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY SEEK TO RESTRUCTURE FRENCH GOVERNMENT AND SOCIETY IN THE YEARS 1789-91? When the National Assembly established a dominant position in the running of the French state in 1789, they needed to move quickly to reform the old state around them into one that corresponded to the political views held within the new Assembly members. A ‘principle’ or origin from which all remodelling could take form from, and that would …

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…comparison with the actions of the Assembly. They may have succeeded in the remodelling of the justice system, but countless failure to met the unrealistic high principles set down in the ‘rights of man and the citizen’ and actions outside their reign of power, such as the kings flexing, had crushed the credibility of the Assembly to succeed in fulfilling their desired level of remodelling on their principles for a new French society and government.