How successfully from 1945 to 1953 did Truman resist forces of intolerance in United States society

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During Truman's presidency he was faced with forces of intolerance within United States society. These were principally the "Red scares" of the 1950's, hostile attitudes towards Trade Unions and racism, particularly in the South. These forces of intolerance were motivated by both Truman himself and the Republican party for political reasons, but for different aims. Truman's intolerance could be seen as positive, while the Republican's intolerance was more extreme and motivated for party advantage. The …

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…a reasoning behind it, whereas the Republicans used every situation to try and damage Truman. Truman did try to resist racism, but he couldn't achieve much because of the Republican Congress. But he did make race an issue within American politics and make his views known. In conclusion, Truman did not resist the forces of intolerance in American society very successfully, but this was due to factors outside his control, rather than his personal beliefs.