How plausible is the claim that there is no moral justification for warfare?

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Before attempting to justify warfare, we first have to assess the term justice and its significance in warfare. Justice is crucial in this discussion because it has taken over from religion as a basis for moral judgement when fighting a war. Historically, medieval Christian ethics were the justifications for warfare, as was apparent throughout the Crusades. Justice became the highest moral value after the conflict between Christ as a pacifist and the fight to spread …

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…to do with human nature and the nature of human society." (Glover) Bibliography Glover, J. (1990), Causing Death and Saving Lives, London, Penguin Dower, N (1998) World Ethics: A new agenda, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. Kegley, C. and Wittkorf, E. (2000), World Politics, Thomson Hollis, M. and Smith, S. (1991), Explaining and Understanding International Relations, Clarendon Press Doyle, M.J. (1997), Ways of War and Peace, London, Norton Burleigh, M. (1997), Ethics and Extermination: Reflections on Nazi Genocide, Cambridge University Press