How many arguments does Berkeley offer for the existence of God

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How many arguments does Berkeley offer for the existence of God When first encountered with this question, the answer seems almost simple and obvious: one, possibly two. All one would have to do is read Berkeley and count exactly how many arguments he gives for the existence of God. However, it seems that after reading the text and reading two of the responses to the text and a response to one of the responses, it …

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…to call this an argument, but I say this in a more traditional sense) and independence are inseparable and compliment each other. Evidently this area of Berkeley is ambiguous, and not a simple one to comprehend, especially when just reading Berkeley's published texts. Bibliography The Principles of Human Knowledge and Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous, by George Berkeley, Penguin edition Locke and Berkeley, C.B. Martin, D.M. Armstrong Berkeley: an Introduction, Jonathan Dancy