How juveniles should be tried as adults.

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President Bush stated "When America teaches her children right from wrong and teaches values that respect life in our country, our country will be better off". This quote was released after a 15-year-old boy shot and killed two classmates and injured 13 at a Californian high school. He will be charged as an adult under state law. I believe that in cases of felonies such as murder committed by juveniles over the age of reason, as …

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…what people would want and expect to get at the forfeit of a loved one's life. Finally some give the final reason "A kid is a kid, and an adult is an adult", and should be punished according to their age. I would oppose that asking; is a 17-year-old murderer considered a "kid"? I would also ask; would you still consider them as a "kid" if they killed one of your family members or friends?