How have federal mandates effected the ideas of federalism?

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Federal Mandates         Through out the 1930's, Federalism began to grow along with an increased power towards federal grants and mandates due to the effects of the Depression. During the New Deal the Supreme Court ruled that national spending was not limited to just specific grants any more. The national government now had the power to grant, fund, and mandate money to any state under what conditions they choose. Currently Congress can imply considerable control over …

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…states governments, which defeats the idea of Federalism. When using a federal system of government, both the state and the national government are suppose to SHARE power. Federal mandates work against the definition of true Federalism. Mandates do not contribute to the sharing of powers. Federal mandates control states. The states do not have a chose to participate in the mandate or not. Therefore, federal mandates drive our country away from the ideas of Federalism.