"How does the film 'Witness' portray the clash of cultures between the American and Amish people?"

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The thriller Witness was released in 1985, and it was instantly a massive success. Recipient of six Oscar nominations and one Oscar award, two British Academy nominations and a BA award, Witness is still considered by some people to be not only the director's, Peter Weir, best production but also to be Harrison Ford's crowning achievement. Even though it was after the release of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Trilogies that Ford also obtained a …

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…the central question as to whether the killers will find Book and the boy is not treated as a matter for suspense. Witness works very well, however, as a confrontation between two different cultures and, ultimately, as a love story. The real suspense concerns whether Ford and McGillis will wind up together, despite the fact that her religion is an almost impenetrable barrier between them, and what they will have to sacrifice for their love.