How does Jane Eyre fulfil your idea of a romantic heroine

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Jane Eyre By selecting key moments in the development of Jane's character from child to woman, say how far she fulfils my idea of a romantic heroine. To answer that I must describe what, in my view, I feel a romantic heroine is, by saying what qualities she must have, and the type of actions she must perform to be granted the title of heroine. For the most part, I share the common view of …

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…ything about Jane: from her romanticism to her heroism, and a lot more. This on it's own shows me she is a true romantic heroine, giving her freedom for the man she loves. From studying the above, and looking at a spectrum of aspects from her life, Jane completely fulfils my idea of a romantic heroine. Her actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions go far beyond what I consider to be requirements of a romantic heroine.