How did America change after the War of 1812? This essay describes the economic and political changes after the War of 1812, including the effects of the cotton gin and Sectionalism.

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Change occurs in every time period. Today Americans work and communicate faster through home computers and cell phones than they did thirty years earlier. Change also occurred early in the nineteenth century. After General Andrew Jackson led the United States victory at New Orleans, nationalism increased and Americans looked forward with confidence to a future filled with changes. They would not be disappointed. The years after the War of 1812 produced great economic and political changes. …

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…the nation's government underwent various changes. Sectionalism split the nation into the North and the South, and the Missouri Compromise proved to be only a temporary resolution to the slavery debate. The Monroe Doctrine helped the country gain respect, and the end of the Federalists altered the political party system. Although the War of 1812 didn't have any great impact on the country directly after the war, America experienced numerous changes the years following the war.