How can the division of law-making powers between Commonwealth and states be altered? (Australian Legal System)

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When the founding fathers of our nation came together at the turn of the nineteenth century to establish the law-making capacities of both the federal and state governments, they had a definite vision that the majority of political activity should continue to be performed at state level. However, it is a usual feature of a federal system of government that the balance of law making powers will shift with time and this has definitely been …

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…envisaged is distinctly unlike the system of government that exists today. Our federation is no longer a set of somewhat independent, almost self-sufficient, colonies. What happens in Broome or Cairns during the day will make Southern Cross News that evening. We have national newspapers and radio stations. There has been a definite shift in the balance of law-making powers over the past century, which reflects the national (and global) society within which we now live.