How bravery is shown in "The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane

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Many times a person's life bravery is shown. The person may not even know their bravery, but the result of their action has impacted someone. The person may not even have an intention to do acts of bravery but simply try to help in a time of need. A person, who shows an example of this in the Open Boat, is the captain. The captain displayed his courage, although with no intentions in the end …

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…With the captain's acts of bravery his was able to bring is crew to safety, not even thinking about his own life, his concern was for the safety of his crew. The captains intentions were not to be brave, his intentions were to make sure no harm was done to the ones he cared about and with that he showed his bravery to his crew, whom made it alive because of the actions of another.