How a screan device could be used for the book The Glass Menagerie

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Kate Brauer's review of the Middletown's Rising Phoenix Theatre Companys' rendition of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee William spoke of great detail about how the use of screen device could advance the understanding of the novel. But more then understanding the novel the screen devices used in director's, Theresa Abshear, production added depth and layers to the once flat characters. Brauer applauds the use of the screen device and says, "the most successful of her …

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…when Biff and Willy basically argue on who's fault it was that Biff hadn't amounted to anything a picture of Biff's math paper with a passing grade would be projected. This paper is the ultimate what if in these two mens' lives and showing that on screen would help the reader understand how one thing could set off a chain affect that would being a spiral for both of the men, both Biff and Willy.