How Shakespeare and Ibsen treated their Women

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How Shakespeare and Ibsen Treated their Women Shakespeareís Taming of the Shrew and Ibsenís A Dollís House portray women in many ways. Both authors have strong feelings about women and werenít afraid to express them in their writing. Shakespeareís views about women differed greatly with those of Ibsenís. Both Kate, from Taming of the Shrew, and Nora, from A Dollís House, were mistreated by the men in their …

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…her husband, which was not common back then. Ibsen shows women that if their husbands no longer love them, than they have the control to leave. As you can see, the authors above have their own thoughts about women. Ibsen gives women the credit they deserve, while Shakespeare believes them to be inferior and ignorant. One thinks of women as animals to be tamed, while the other sees them as nothing different than a man.