How McBeth views the relativity of things in the play.

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Reality is Subjective In the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the author is determined to present a character internally torn and tragically flawed. Macbeth, the central character in the play, and a relatively good man, is told the future by three witches. His comprehension of what the future was could have affected his way of thinking. The actions that followed the predictions of the future seem to be an effect of predictions themselves. The character …

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…reality of the play can be seen through its characters and how they perceive it. When characters perceive reality differently, problems can occur. In this play, the perception of reality according to the main character caused him to make his perceived reality real. The reality of what happened in the play is all subjective to which character perceives the plays action. Only when reality is a shared vision in all characters does it become real.