How Far Do We Go To Increase Voter turnout?

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The only thing consistent about voter turnout in America has been its decline. Many voice the concerns of our lack of participation when it comes to voting. However, their efforts seem somewhat ineffective since there are still many that hardly respond to politics. Out of twenty-one democracies, the United States placed twentieth in voter turnout for presidential elections. Only Switzerland has lower voter turnout than in the United States. The truth remains that only about 50 …

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…realistic, whereas the drastic transformation of the election into a lottery seems farfetched. Yes it can happen, but I highly doubt everything is easy as Matt Miller suggests. Although I admit that by providing the opportunity to the people to win several million dollars will have people running to the ballots, an election should not be based on a pecuniary motive but to vote out of duty and concern for the fate of our country.