How Claudius Acts in Hamlet

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Act III, Scene I The scene begins with Claudius questioning Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. The two tells the king what they have found out about Hamlet¡¦s madness (which is nothing), but leaves out the important truth that they have already revealed to Hamlet that they were sent for as spies by the King. Somehow, Claudius doesn¡¦t seem as regal and dignified as he was the first time we saw him in Act I, Scene …

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…this troubled king shows no sign of disapproval to Polonius¡¦ advice. Just as predicted, it seems like both Claudius and Polonius forgot about the quick comment Polonius made earlier, that if he was wrong about ¡§love¡¨ being the source of Hamlet¡¦s madness, then he would become a tenant farmer. This of course show that Polonius is simply too important to the king and both of them know this, thus that promise never came true.