How Athen took over leadership of sparta after the persian wars

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HOW ATHENS TOOK OVER LEADERSHIP OF SPARTA AFTER THE PERSIAN WARS During the period of Greek history from the last years of the Persian Wars till the beginning of the First Peloponnesian War, the primacy of Sparta declined whileAthens was gaining increased influence in Greece. The Athenian, Thucydides (460-400 BC), one among few contemporary historians, left behind the most creditable records about this period. Although he did not give enough documentation for many events he …

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…her authority willingly but was forced into it by Athens’ accession and other circumstances which prevented Sparta’s further expansion for some time. Bibliography: Fornara, C.W. “From Plataea to Potidaea” (1979), Oxford, London Herodotus, “The History” (1987), The University of Chicago Press, Chicago & London Hornblower, S. “The Greek World 479-323 BC” (1983), Methuen, London and New York Meiggs, R. “The Athenian Empire” (1972), At The Clarendon Press, Oxford Thucydides, “The History” - Book I (1979), Arno Press, New York