How American Indians were treated by the English and Spanish when they first arrived in the "New Land"

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Centuries ago, the Indians migrated to North America through the bearing straight. Over time, after many generations, the Indians made their way to the eastern part of the "New World." This is where they settled and lived for many years. Soon enough the Spanish and English were there seeking wealth. They both became greedy over time. The Spanish were after everything the Indians had, whereas the English were only after gold and land. The economic …

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…deprived of it. The English came and took the land. The Spanish came and forced them work against their will. Both of them basically ruined the lives of the Indians. The Indians were also converted to Catholicism, which changed all of their original beliefs and morals. In summary, the cultural and economic responses of the Spanish and the English to the Indian was different, but affected the lives of the Indians in a negative way.