House On Mango Street

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Womenís Escape into Misery Womenís need for male support and their husbandís constant degradation of them was a recurring theme in the book House on Mango Street. Many of Esperanzaís stories were about womenís dreams of marrying, the perfect husband and having the perfect family and home. Sally, Rafaela, and Minerva are women who gave me the impression of [damselís in distress].CLICHÉ, itís ok though. Itís …

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…my draft. First of all I made Esperanza a stronger focal point of my paper. I made it clear that she was the strong one in the book. I made the transitions have more of a flow by mentioning more events that involved Esperanza. I tried to make my subjects better known and my thesis clearer by stating more facts. I showed a lot more and told less. Bibliography Cisneros, Rosemary. House on mango street