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Magic is the second oldest profession that exists today. It has not always been accepted by the people. In medieval times people who were thought to practice magic were sentenced to death. Around the mid 1900's magic began to serve as entertainment. Magic is an ability that requires a lot of skill and patience. In this time it was very difficult to make a living out of magic. There are many types of magic, some …

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…pains through the show, but he decided to carry on. Needless to say Harry Houdini died in the torture cell due to his appendix bursting. Harry Houdini deserves to be called "The Greatest Magician Who Has Ever Lived ." Houdini persued his dream of becoming an escape artist and he more than achieved his goal. He surpassed many difficulties including his mother's death. Harry Houdini is a roll model which teaches perseverance, imagination and hard work.