Hospitality in The Odyssey

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Hospitality is a way of life in a wide variety of cultures. The ways the people in different cultures act towards their guests may differ. Good hospitality is and was an important part of Greek tradition. In TheOdyssey there are examples of Xenia being followed and violated. Xenia is shown time and again throughout The Odyssey. People open their homes up to whoever happens to stumble across them. Throughout their many journeys, both Odysseus and …

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…his wine, and showing no respect towards his son or the rest of his belongings. Xenia is practiced and respected in great detail by many Greeks. It is a very important and meaningful aspect of Greek society. However there are also those that show no regard at all for the age-old custom. Welcoming a stranger into your home is the simplest form of hospitality. Although, there are numerous ways to welcome someone into your home.