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Scenario I am a teacher in a school that has the facilities to offer the Hospitality Training Packages up to Certificate Level II. Our school has a 30 seat training restaurant and a fully equipped kitchen that complies with all government and industry audit requirements. The price for a three-course dinner for clients is $18.50. There is a lot of preparation in order for these training restaurants to run smoothly. The following must be carried out: A …

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…Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, 1998). The hygiene checklist makes sure of the following: Personal cleanliness is practiced Jewellery and watches are not worn during food preparation Fingernails should be short and clean Wounds and burns should be covered with waterproof dressings or gloves There is no coughing, sneezing or eating in food preparation areas Laboratory coats should be clean as often as possible Only clean tea towels should be used for wiping utensils after washing.