Hospitality Industry is Disperate by Nature

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By nature, the state of existence for the hospitality industry is different in any perspective you choose to approach it. Since humanities first existence we have sought oppurtunities to travel, lodge, recreate, and enduldge in diversified food services. Without hindrance, these four industries were forced to become different in any way you approach them. Either historically or economically these industries have undergone many changes from the beginning of the hospitality industry to the present. The …

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…else except transporations, and travelers account for about one-third of the total sales in the food industry. From 4000 b.c. to today the hospitality industry has had a major “face-lift.” Uncontrollably, travel was modernized, food service changed, recration was enjoyed by all, and lodging went from a guestroom to a full size suite. What make the hospitality industry different today from its original state are the economic and historical implications that have influenced its growth.