Homer's Vision of the Duality of Warfare

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The Illiad is a poem which takes place in the tenth year of a war between the Trojans and the Achains. Most of the poem talks about the battles taking place within that specific time period of war. Does Homer portray these events as a glorification or condemnation of war? Well, he does sort of both. It can be cosidered the greatest of ironies. It is at one time both glorious an heinous. On the …

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…does not place one against the other in these opposing aspects of warfare. The tragic butchery of so many innocent people on the field of battle does not weaken the significance of the fearless human being, nor does the importance of soldierly triumph attempt to condone the horrendous carnage. Warfare itself is indifferent and apathetic. It is neither good nor bad. It is one of the most puzzling enigmas and the greatest of all paradoxes.