Homer's "Odysse"y, and what it tells us about greek culture and women

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Homer's Odyssey provides, for the modern individual, an insight into to an unfamiliar universe. Amidst this fantasy world are elements of the real culture of ancient Greece. By examining this poem one can be clued into women's roles within the culture, which are exemplified by the character Penelope. The predicament, in which the Odysseus's wife is torn between remaining loyal to her missing husband or choosing another, is a portrayal of her distinct powers and …

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…the marriage. It is only through her husband that the situation is changed. What does the tale really say about women's' roles in ancient Greece? In her father's and son's apparent responsibility for her and the pressure to choose a husband with little say in the matter. Then, it is her husband alone that can relieve her of responsibility. This illustrates that women are insubordinate showing a patriarchal society, with Penelope trying to resist. Words: 1250