Homelessness 2

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“You learn how to get along. In the summer you sleep out, mostly in the cemetery. You lay some cardboard down on the ground, cause it gets damp, you know. When you get up, you ‘rough up’ the grass so nobody knows you been there. Sometimes you find a shiny tombstone and some aftershave on you. You take the salt from a fast food restaurant to brush your teeth, splash on some aftershave to cover …

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…their survival; therefore they are subjected to a cyclical sense of time. As mentioned before, there is no one definition for homelessness but here is one that applies: “Homelessness is a condition of detachment from society characterized by the absence or attenuation of the affiliative bonds that link settled persons to a network of interconnected social structures.” (Glasser 3). Homeless people feel detached from society because they do not benefit from the social system and because