Home Daycares vs Community Daycares

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Michael Pratt W. Howard Com. 111-28 October 29, 1999 In Home Daycares vs. Community Daycares Choosing a daycare for your children is one of the most important descisions for most new parents. There is the choice of an in home daycare or a community daycare. In home daycares the children will receive more personal care, there will be less children presant, and they are more geared to the personal needs of the parents. At in home daycares …

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…more to the needs of the parents. Prices of an in home daycare are often cheaper, more flexible, and payment plans can be made. Also, in home sitters have more flexible hours than community daycares. At an in home daycare you can also choose weather or not you want one with religios beliefs the same as yours. You can also make the desion on how many children are at the home and the age range.