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Ho Chi Minh City Overview: The Nha Rong Wharf, or Uncle Hos souvenir area, is located at the junction of the Ben Nghe Channel and the Saigon River. This museum mostly contains pictures and objects relating to President Ho Chi Minh. It is from this area that 21-year-old Ho Chi Minh set sail on a French ship named Admiral Latouche Treville in June 1911. The Dragon House Wharf, originally called Nha Rong, was a French …

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…display. Outside the museum are some rooms displaying cultural products of the Vietnamese culture. Over the last 20 years, over 6 million visitors entered the museum. Among this number, nearly 1 million were foreign visitors, including American tourists. Apart from the two places above, Saigon keeps in his heart lots of others attractive ones as Thong Nhat palace, Vinh Nghiem pagoda, The Historical Museum, The zoo and botanical gardens. Whoever has been here, wants to stay here forever.