Hobbes vs. Locke--Who Was Correct?

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John Locke believes that man is good; Thomas Hobbes believes that man is evil. One can look at man in these two ways. In Locke's view, man's intentions are benevolent by nature and can live without a central government telling them what exactly to do. Hobbes, the antagonist, believes the complete opposite--that man is brutal by nature and cannot live without a central government running everyone's life. In today's society, Hobbes's philosophy on man is …

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…down and will continue to be passed down to their offspring. Simply by reading a newspaper, one can see that more articles report on negative events than positive. Although not all good deeds are reported, nor are all malicious ones. Governments of any country show that people are greedy, selfish, and think little of killing. Humans are educated not to kill, steal, or be cruel; however, it does not change the true nature of man.