Hobbes' views on humanity. Is this conception of humanity accurate, that is, is man a self-preserving and anti-social machine? Are humans ultimately selfish and perpetually in a state of conflict?

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The conception of humanity has and probably will never be accurately conceived, but few philosophers come quite close to swaying the crowd. Thomas Hobbes leads to say that human beings are ultimately selfish and always in a state of conflict. While it may sound a bit preposterous, it is quite logical and relevant, especially in today's society. Is every good or concerned act, thought or feeling only in that person's self -interest? Are there exceptions …

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…acting first on our emotions, our true self. Then, later the influence of society takes over leading people to do what is they think is natural. Hobbes was simply basing his theory on what people wanted him to see and not necessarily what was felt. Like everything else, there can never be a generalization that everyone agrees to. There will always be a few people who will beg to differ, who will contradict the belief.