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Presented by Inga Clendinnen 19/12/99 What Now? (Lecture Six)Summary:In lecture six, Dr Clendinnen discusses the way forward for Australia arguing that unless we have a cornucopia of true stories, we will never know what really happened. "While the past is past," she says, "it is not dead."Includes Booklist Details or Transcript:It is only thirty-two years ago that Aborigines ceased to be 'protected persons', and were recognised as free citizens. Only thirty-two years …

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…the Country: the Story of Victoria, Methuen Haynes, North Ryde, 1984, p. 70. Bernard Smith, The Spectre of Truganini: 1980 Boyer Lectures, Australian Broadcasting Commission, Sydney, 1980, p. 10. Presenter:Inga Clendinnen Producer:Jill Kitson Click here to return to the transcript index The 1999 Boyer Lectures will be broadcast on Radio National over six Sundays at 5pm from November 14. The lectures will also be available as a book and audio cassette. Tuning in details ABC Radio Tape Sales information ©1999 Australian