Hitchcock: strangers on a train

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Who Isn't a Murderer? <Tab/>Hitchcock tries to use Strangers on a Train to tell us that everyone has a murderer within them. He shows us characters with different levels of the desire to kill. There is Bruno, Guy, and other characters, who represent society, and its desire to kill someone. Bruno, while an obvious murderer, is the most honest with his intentions. He tells Guy of his desire to kill …

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…old ladies at the party about offing their husbands. While they are merely old ladies that appear harmless, they do agree that they sometimes wish to kill their husbands. Here Hitchcock shows that everyone can have murderous intentions, even old ladies. What Hitchcock wants us to contemplate, is that everyone can be dangerous. We should consider whether the person is willing to execute the task at hand. The question becomes, are you the next task?