History of the Blacks Between the 1900-1940.

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Between the 1900's and 1940's there was a lot of things going on. There was lots of violence and segregation against the innocent blacks. The segregation that was happening was not just by habit, but it was an actual law. Riots and Lynching were very common and happened all the time. Many of the cops were usually racists and often contributed to make these crimes worst than it was. Blacks during this time were treated …

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…there was the first black professional baseball player, Jacky Robinson. He influenced other people to follow the civil rights acts. There was Louis Armstrong, who was a great musician. Benjamin D. Davis was the first black American soldier to become a general. This is only a little of the many contributions blacks have contributed to the nation. There are many more things that they have done for America and to make it a better place.